Taunton Triathlon Race Blog

Posted on: May 29, 2018

After trying my best to avoid the urge to do anything ‘that’ athletic for most of the day by the time we got to Taunton I was even more excited to complete my first ever sprint triathlon, against adults!

My dad and I prior to the event had driven the bike course but the run route was a mystery to us which added to my excitement. Once I had set up my transition area and gone through all the usual familiarisations I helped my dad get ready, as he too was stepping up to the sprint distance for the first time.

It was great that I could watch my dad’s swim and cheer him onto the bike route before I started to get warmed up myself and eat a trusty banana. After a last minute visit to the toilet I went pool side, and it wasn’t long before I was in the water and swimming the 400m.

I avoided going too hard on the swim and saved myself for the bike and run. On my way out to Milverton on the bike I enjoyed a pleasant tail wind but that meant battling a head mind on the way back but fuelled by a gel mid ride I got through it feeling fresh!

The bike route was brilliant, it was full of a great mix of flat straights and lovely winding descents and climbs. Going out on to the run I felt pretty fresh and comfortably pushed harder than I planned. I really enjoyed the run route because it was really quirky and different, with a variety of scenery which helped time pass and before I knew it I had crossed the finish line in 15th place, which I was super pleased with!

After crossing the line I saw the medal which I designed with Immortal on work experience and I have to say it was the best medal and race t-shirt I have ever received! Even if I do say so myself. It was a lovely scene at the finish line and a fantastic venue for a fantastic race.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the guys at Immortal and all their volunteers for doing a fantastic job. And I have to say out of all my races ever Taunton triathlon had to be the most friendly, well run, enjoyable race out there and the same goes for all of the other Immortal events. Which I know for a fact after I experienced an identical standard when I volunteered at Immortal Stourhead Super Sprint.

Thanks for reading!