Archie races Taunton Triathlon

Posted on: June 4, 2019

It was great to come back again to Taunton Triathlon this year. It was my first triathlon of the year and was going into it with a lot of swim and run training but without many brick sessions or big rides under my belt. Because I am currently doing my GCSEs I’ve tried to focus a bit more on revision and less swimming, cycling, and running myself to exhaustion every day.

However it was easy for me to find time in my very half hearted revision timetable for Taunton Tri. (I just couldn’t help myself)
After watching my Dad do his swim and go out on the bike it was time to get ready to throw myself into the pool and ride and run around the suburbs of Taunton as fast as my little legs can carry me.
My swim was better than last year which was probably down to the fact I’ve grown into my tri suit slightly since last year so it didn’t inflate as much every time I tumble turned.

T1 went very smoothly and I was then in full attack mode going up and down the hilly out and back bike course which is made a bit more manageable thanks to the awesome scenery.
T2 also wet smoothly and I went out hard into the run where I made up for all except one position that I lost on the bike.
As always it’s always a pleasure to finally stop exercising after an hour and a bit of pushing yourself to the max.But I enjoy it even more when I do one of Immortal Sport’s events because of the brilliant sense of community at the finish line to welcome you home after being out on their brilliantly marshalled courses and being able to thank and congratulate athletes, volunteers and organisers who make these races possible.
Thank you for reading, I look forward to Martock 10k now and will definitely be doing another blog post race.