Bath duathlon race blog

Posted on: March 13, 2018

After an action packed week of work experience, my Friday evening ended with some final checks of my bike, packing my kit, eating pizza and an early night.

Waking up in the morning I felt fresh and ready to race, after a big bowl of muesli and granola I made my final checks of my kit and loaded it into the car. Along with my Mum, Dad and younger brother Toby we set off for Odd Down Circuit-Bath, with my cousin Abbie and uncle in convoy behind.

We arrived at Bath with plenty of time to familiarise myself with the course, take some food on and catch up with some club mates. After all the ‘tri star’ races where over, transition was opened up to the Youths and Senior Women. I set my bike shoes up on my bike, hung it on the rack, placed my helmet on the handlebars, turned on my bike computer and checked the entry and exit points.

Once I’d finished in transition I headed of to get changed into my new Zone3 tri suit and race trainers, then I put on my Dryrobe to keep warm and headed back out side to warmup and have my race briefing.

When 12:15 arrives the briefing has ended and we’re all lined up on the start line. The hooter goes and I get out front as soon as I can. I formed a little chase pack just behind the leaders and comfortably get round the mixed terrain 3k in 10mins and 51secs without getting too muddy! I kick of my shoes and collect my bike and jump on well within the top 10. I manage to hold an average speed of 20mph and pick off a few people ahead of me.

I came off the 15k bike in just under 28mins and headed onto the final 1.5k run in 5th place with the first female youth behind me. Determined not to get caught I push on all the way round to the finish with a run time of 5mins 30secs and overall time of 45mins 22secs.

Delighted with my 5th place performance and glad it’s all over I pack all my kit back into the car and head home eating my sandwiches on the way…

As apposed to spending a week at school I’d like to think spending my taper week with the guys at Immortal was perhaps the reason for my performance, oh and my lucky primal shark socks!!!

Thanks again Archie Tyler