Archie Tyler work experience Blog

Posted on: March 5, 2018

My name is Archie Tyler, I’m 14yrs old and I’m a yr10 student at Stanchester Academy.

This week is ‘work experience week’ and yr10 students across the country will be going out into all sorts of workplaces and experiencing what its like to work in certain jobs.

I am lucky enough to be spending the week with the guys at Immortal Sport! During my time with them I will be posting regular blogs about how I am enjoying my time with Immortal, also a bit about my weekly training and some of my upcoming events.

I have been doing triathlon for a while now and ever since my first local children’s triathlon in Crewkerne my love for the sport has thrived. I have competed in the Cornwall Mini Tri series and the children’s South West triathlon series over the past few years. They put on races for ages 8 to 14, the races they put on are friendly and well run, which has really helped my racing experience grow from a young age.

Recently I have moved out of Tristar 3 (the final age group in children’s races) and into the world of Youth age group racing. The only series that accommodates this age group is the National Super Series which can only be raced in by athletes who have qualified through an assessment weekend.

Although I will be going to the Assessment weekend it is unlikely I will be guaranteed a spot at every race because of the class of racing and unfortunately my young August birthday. Because of this in the past there haven’t been many races who open themselves up to older athletes (youth: 15-16 and Junior: 17-18).

However recently more and more race organisers have opened places to these age groups by recognising this gap in the market and tailoring specific distances or allowing them to race in the adult Novice Sprint or Super Sprint races.

This concept is very exciting as it opens more opportunity for Youths and juniors to race similar Super Series distances more often, so our racing can continue to develop once we’ve left the much more popular children’s triathlons.


A great example of this is Immortal themselves who have opened up a Youth Team Relay race at Immortal Wimbleball which gives the juniors at my club Leweston Triathlon Club and other local clubs a great chance to get a taste of high quality event organisation and a fun racing experience!

Thank you for reading and I hope to upload another post soon…